Data Fidget

Map, Graph, Explore and Analyze Essential US Datasets

Map, graph, explore and analyze income datasets throughout the United States. Quickly and easily access annual income data since 2010 with nine datasets including household income, rent, and unemployment. Get data insights to help you better understand income trends around you and across the nation. Enjoy hopping from dataset to dataset and modify maps and graphs with ease.  Whether for Professional or Personal use, Data Fidget’s design allows anyone to easily use the information to support business needs or satisfy their curiosities.

All datasets include access to data at the national, state, and county levels since 2010. Currently Data Fidget offers the Income Data Pack, a collection of datasets that will help you understand financial trends throughout the United States. The Income Data Pack includes the following datasets:

Household Income



Home Value




Occupation Groups

Income Groups

National Maps

 From the national maps you can view different years and for grouped datasets you can view the data in a count or percentage format. Using the custom map symbology you can quickly identify spatial trends and compare the highest values to the lowest values.

State Maps 

Explore values by county for a selected state and identify spatial trends at a higher resolution. 

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Annual Line Charts

From the line graph you can generate an annual line chart going back to 2010 for the nation or any state or county. 

Geographic and Group Compare

Use the compare tools to quickly compare national, state, and county annual trends. Compare Geographic Values and Group Values

Sort and Rank Values by States and Counties

Regression Analysis

Identify annual and cross dataset relationships. Generate an analysis graph with trend line and r-squared value. You can also perform regression analysis between any two datasets. This will allow you to identify potential relationships between datasets as well as relationship strength.

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R-Squared Mapping Analysis

Spatially compare regression analysis r-squared results to identify relationship trends by state and county. This tool can be used to display which locations have stronger positive or negative relationships for your current analysis.

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Prediction Models

Explore predictions based on annual and cross dataset regression analysis. You can modify the year range, predict range and analysis type to generate a wide variety of prediction trend lines. Compare r-squared values and results determine the strongest trend models.

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